Our Philosophy​

Italy is a country filled with endless natural wonders – from the cold Alps to the warm Mediterranean. It is a world where food, wine, tradition and dreams are intertwined with sustainability. 

Toscana Divino Hospitality Group brings that world to life in the US through a unique and intentional culinary lifestyle. 

Tuscany Hillside
Toscana Divino Cucina Sostenible
Toscana Divino Hospitality Group’s mission is excellence, value and service. We believe a culinary experience dedicated to quality, sustainability and artistry has the power to change lives and communities for the highest good.

To instill its core values in up and coming generations, Toscana Divino created Project Lil Chefs, a new and innovative program to bring the love of healthy food to kids and their families through interactive cooking experiences. The program consists of monthly workshops that will prepare kids and families to learn about meal planning, shopping and nutrition from top local chefs and restaurants.

Chef Andrea Marchesin with Kid, Project Lil Chefs

About Us​

Toscana Divino Restaurant

Our flagship restaurant, Toscana Divino , located in the heart of Brickell, delivers a one-of-kind culinary experience guided by our relentless commitment to excellence. By founder and Chairman Tommaso Morelato and Executive Chef Andrea Marchesin. Your fine dining journey begins with a selection of the highest quality ingredients, with a focus on sourcing local seasonal items. Guests of Toscana Divino will find an exceptional menu of salads and appetizers, soups, pasta and risotto, mains, sides and desserts. A large selection of Italian wines and innovative cocktail menu further elevates the Toscana Divino experience.

Tommaso Morelato​

Founder & Chairman

The Italian born entrepreneur believes passionately in the connection between what we consume and how we feel. Morelato feels it is obligation to share his knowledge of ingredients and processes, creating a value driven fine dining experience to do so one guest at a time. From early experiences watching his father spend hours curating culinary selections, Morelato learned the importance of selecting and combining ingredients. While he revels in painstakingly orchestrating the perfect balance of product, process and people at this restaurants, he knows the experience is ultimately on one thing: taste.

Andrea Marchesin​

Executive Chef

Born in Italy with over 20 years of experience in Italian fine dining. Marchesin has been the Executive Chef for Toscana Divino for 6 years. His culinary approach is a result of his global experience, which includes serving as a private chef, working alongside a Maitre Cuisinier and local farmers in the Haute Savoie region of France. He is known for combining local & seasonal ingredients with state of the art techniques. He believes ‘’Even the simplest vegetable can be extraordinary’’, and takes pride in his team’s impeccable attention to detail in the flavor and presentation of every dish.