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A Culinary Journey Where Tradition, Innovation and Continuity
are in Constant Dialogue

We know memorable dining is as much about the experience you have as it is about delicious food. Toscana Divino has consistently been named one of Miami’s top Italian restaurants because the traditions of Italy and the aesthetics of Tuscany are evident in everything we do. We immerse you in the true Italian lifestyle from the moment you arrive at our vibrant, contemporary Brickell location – and see Italy’s signature al fresco tables – until the moment you leave.



The way we think is simple: we believe that cooking is an art and dining is an experience to cherish. Italian is more than food, but good food is the foundation for the enviable Italian lifestyle of pleasure, passion, moderation and joy that signify overall well-being.

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Chef Andrea’s Sustainable,
Farm-to-Table Approach


Our Executive Chef, Andrea Marchesin, directs Toscana Divino’s open Italian kitchen the same way a conductor leads a symphony, blending diverse, flavorful ingredients and innovative techniques with traditional Italian dishes.

His culinary approach is a result of his global experience, which includes serving as a private chef, training in his native Italy, and even a year spent working alongside a Maitre Cuisinier and local farmers in the Haute Savoie region of France. These experiences heightened his commitment to local, sustainable ingredientes.

Marchesin found his home in Miami, Florida, to take on the role of Executive Chef at Toscana Divino, where he brings his passion for sustainability to the kitchen, by combining local and seasonal ingredients with state of the art techniques.

He insists ‘’Even the simplest vegetable can be extraordinary’’, and takes pride in his team’s impeccable attention to detail in the flavor and presentation of every dish.

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