Our Ingredients

We care passionately about what you eat.

Our approach to sourcing for our menus is inspired by our Italian heritage, leading us to travel in search of the finest ingredients available as close to our tables as possible. We cultivate relationships with farmers and suppliers who are as passionate about sustainability and taste as we are. 

The Toscana Divino philosophy is rooted in the knowledge that sustainably sourced, premium ingredients contain the power to change lives, improve communities and safeguard the future of our environment for future generations. 

Even the most seemingly simple ingredient has a story and a soul.

Florida Pure Sea Salt

Florida Pure Sea Salt

Salt, whether used sparingly or more generously, is an essential component in every dish that comes out of the kitchen.

Florida Pure Sea Salt is a woman owned, small-batch maker of the purest, finest-tasting salts. The socially responsible company has access to the Sunshine State’s cleanest water and does its part to protest the waterways. Small batches are slowly crafted without any anti-clumping agents or other chemicals. The process maintains all the natural, beautiful minerals our bodies need and crave.


Tomatoes play a lead role in our menus, used in numerous pizzas, pastas or enjoyed “solo” enhanced with Florida Pure Sea Salt and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

Third generation farmer Michael Borek of Michael Borek Farms delivers his field-grown tomatoes to our restaurants personally. Each heirloom tomato, cluster tomato, yellow tomato and bell pepper is picked one by one, by hand. The sustainable farm is dedicated to growing their crops while protecting its plants and people for future generations to enjoy.

Toscana Divino Cucina Sostenible


Because our standards for poultry are so high, we rely on chicken from only two small, local farms. 

Local Miami Nourished Pastures was founded by a health coach who began lovingly raising pasture raised, beyond organic animals for his own family. With animals thriving, roaming spacious farms that mimic the wild, growth hormones and antibiotics are unnecessary. 

Green Circle™ Chicken are raised free-range on a diet of clean, surplus vegetables inspired by the common sense, waste-nothing philosophy of days past, when chickens lived on vegetable scraps and roamed freely around farmyards and pastureland. The small farms are sustainable, environmentally responsible and offer farm-to-table traceability. 


Wester Ross is Scotland’s oldest independent, owner-operated salmon farm. The farm is responsible for the entire life cycle. Salmon are hand fed a responsibly sourced diet and hand reared. Careful, humane harvesting methods avoid stress to the fish. Finally, salmon are cleaned and filleted by hand.

Microgreens, Edible Flowers and Herbs

Hapke Family Farm grows specialty produce in a soil-based greenhouse using growing methods including deep water culture hydroponics and above-ground grow bags. The crops are curated based on Florida seasons and free of synthetic pesticides, synthetic herbicides, treated seeds or GMO varieties. Focused on great taste and freshness, the micro greens, edible flowers and other specialty items arrive to the restaurant within a day of harvest. 

Balsamic Vinegar

Our private label Balsamic Vinegar comes from Acetaia Giusti, the oldest producer of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, founded in 1605. The award-winning collection is rare organic certified and extracted using a hand barrel process. Our selections are aged 10, 15 or 25 years and enhance dishes throughout our menus, from salad to dessert. 


Our commitment to sustainability and minimal waste aligns with our passion for giving value to each ingredient and providing the most nutrition possible. Risotto and Cacio de Pepe each rely on acqua di parmigiano. Creating less need for cheese, each dish is more digestible and incredibly delicious.