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Toscana Divino Delivers Dinner from Farm to Table in Miami

18 September 2016

Dining in Miami is massively spoiling.  Good restaurants are around every corner, and they boast the menus and chefs from around the world.  

In such a favorable climate, the city has continued to boom,  and with its boom have come many international foodies.  This has decorated the city with delicious restaurants featuring cuisines native to countries all over the planet.

Of the best restaurants in Miami, Toscana Divino cannot be missed!  It is irrevocably one of the best Italian restaurants in Miami- not an easy accomplishment in this city!

Toscana is committed to using and serving the freshest ingredients in all of their dishes.  Their holistic approach to food requires a sincere responsibility to ingredient sourcing and preparation.  

Part of this commitment is reflected in the Farm to Table movement.  Ingredients are sourced locally according to seasonality.  This includes the follow:

  • Flour from heirloom grains
  • Produce direct from farms
  • Meat from natural livestock
  • Fish from local waters

In Italy, the food system operates naturally from farm to table.  Its practice is asserted in the overwhelmingly delicious flavor of Italy’s quality ingredients.

To maintain that authenticity to Italian culture,  Toscana believes that dishes require more than flavor;  they demand quality.  Locally sourced ingredients are better for our palettes,  for our physical nourishment,  for our mental health and for our local economy.

Working with the local farming community has allowed Toscana to make this mission a reality.  

Once ingredients have been sourced, everything is prepared in-house, including:

  • Churning butter
  • Fermenting and aging vinegar
  • Curing meats

And this isn’t just about the philosophy to maintain ingredient integrity.  It’s about continuing the legacy of Italian mammas and nonnas who prepared everything first-hand from this this generation’s earliest years.  Here are more of our favorite habits that would make our nonnas proud:

  • Distilling wine cellar limoncello with key west limes
  • Not using hormones,  antibiotics pesticides or GMOs
  • Animals purchased whole
  • Using unpasteurized cow’s milk (no antibiotics or hormones) for ricotta
  • Local fruits for garnishing cocktails

Toscana Divino doesn’t stop at dining.  Every month,  we offer cooking classes that prepare the future chefs of Italian restaurants Miami and home kitchens all over the city.  Skills learned include making bread,  making pasta by hand and the essential techniques for preparing ragù!  Oh,  we almost forgot the most important- making gelato!  All of the income from classes goes toward the “No Kid Hungry”  foundation.

Come join us at Toscana Divino and see what the dishes are all about!  We look forward to treating you to healthy, inspiring Italian dining!

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