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Chef-guided tasting of Tuscan flavors at Toscana Divino

12 July 2017

by Kapow

Take a culinary tour through Florence right in the heart of Brickell at Toscana Divino. Awarded one of the “Best New Restaurants in Miami” by Thrillist, this Italian restaurant shows all that Florence and Tuscany have to offer. From its culinary tradition to fashion, products, and art, through an array of retail orient-based activities are sure to impress clients. With the most contemporary yet traditional Tuscan and Italian cuisine, including the world-famous Fiorentina steak, guests will be sure to indulge at this hot spot. Serving lovingly prepared Florence-style cooking, Toscana Divino menu draws its inspiration from classic dishes found throughout Tuscany. Each dish features fresh, seasonal ingredients from local markets or are directly imported from Italy, giving clients a million reasons to come back.

Guest will arrive at the restaurant, in the heart of Brickell, and enjoy a glass of prosecco.The group will enjoy a thirty-minute cocktail reception with a premium open beer and wine bar in their semiprivate area. Once the chef is ready, guests will then be seated in their elegant area which allows for privacy while still enjoying the restaurant’s vibe. Guests will taste all menu dishes family style and will be guided through the pasta and main dish tasting, where the chef will explain how these contemporary dishes draw their roots in over 2,000 years of history.

  • Family Style Dinner
  • Welcome Drink
  • Premium Open Bar
  • Chef Demonstration
  • Semi-private Space



  • Antipasti – served family style
  • Pasta – served family style
  • Main- served family style
  • Sides – served family style
  • Dessert – served family style
  • Drinks: Premium Open Bar


  • Client Entertainment
  • Closing Deals
  • Recruiting
  • Training


“Combining rustic Italian cuisine with staged props and rehearsed welcomes, Brickell’s Toscana Divino puts on “a helluva show”, according to the Miami New Times’ Emily Codik. “Despite all the theatrics, Toscana Divino isn’t all for the show. The restaurant, rather, unites all things Tuscan — fashion, wine, food, art — inside a 150-seat Brickell eatery.” Julian Baker mans the kitchen, creating fresh homemade pastas like a “delicate tortelli, with a dainty filling of ricotta and spinach, enveloped in nutty browned butter and fragrant sage” and “fresh egg pappardelle tossed with a robust sausage-and-fennel ragù and finished with a hint of fennel pollen.” Toscana Divino reaps Codik’s praise for its authenticity, uniting “all things Tuscan —; fashion, wine, food, art — inside a 150-seat Brickell eatery.” Eater

“When you’re done getting hit on by people’s aunts at Blue Martini, hit this contemporary Tuscan resto featuring a ton of the region’s reds, plus authentic dishes like Florentine steak, grilled calamari w/ fennel & arugula, and pappardelle in Tuscan beef ragu.” Thrillist


The Creative Cuisine: Known for their innovative takes on high-end Tuscan dishes, Toscana is sure to delight all.
The Ambiance: The modern yet chic decor of this hot spot gives your group the perfect spot to sit back and enjoy their tasty meal.

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