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Top Vegetarian Italian Dishes

12 January 2017

Traditional Italian meals will usually feature a hearty course based on a well-prepared selection of meat including the popular ones such as beef, pork, chicken, and fish. While we like to stick to traditions and our rich Italian heritage here at Toscana Divino, we do understand that there are a number of our patrons and new guests that choose not to dine on meat but will thoroughly enjoy some of our vegetarian menu options.

Like every dish on our menu, we bring authentic Italian style of cooking with a few twists to the table. All of our ingredients are carefully selected based on proximity to our restaurant and seasonality to ensure the utmost freshness. We use only the highest quality heirloom grains and fresh, organic produce to artfully craft our menu. The ingredients we choose that make up all of our dishes exemplify quality, flavor, and freshness that you will be sure to enjoy.

Here are some of our most popular items from the vegetarian dinner menu:

These traditional dishes have roots that can be traced back to the rich culinary culture of Italy.

  • Pomodoro e basilico- house made spaghetti and tomato sauce with fresh basil and fior di latte (mozzarella)
  • Tortelli ricotta e spinaci- ricotta & spinach tortellini with butter and sage
  • Risotto ai funghi- acquerello rice with wild mushrooms and black truffle

Here are a few modern dishes that have been developed to explore the unique diversity of traditional Italian cuisine.

  • Risotto cacio e pepe- acquerello rice, parmesan water, parmesan butter, pecorino cheese and black pepper
  • Grilled (not) fish- celery root steak red beet pure coal baked vegetables

We want to share our love for delicious authentic Italian cuisine and cater to all types of diners. Meat or meatless, our menu is full of expertly crafted dishes that truly embody the artisan kitchen of Toscana Divino. Check out the full menu at https://www.toscanadivino.com/italian-menu-miami-fl/ and be sure to call today to make your reservations.

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