cucina sostenibile

Can Every Day be Brunch-Day?

It’s Sunday, you’ve just managed to roll out of bed, and the only item on the agenda is to brunch. Life is good.

We’re not so sure when brunch became a verb, but we’re certainly in favor of its standing as such. There’s very little that beats getting the group together for afternoon breakfast with a side of divine cappuccinos and maple syrup. Photos are snapped; our mistakes of yesterday are banished and tomorrow is positively unmentionable.

It’s a dream! It’s heaven! It’s world peace! It’s at the top of the list for things to do on Sunday, for sure.

So how is one to capitalize on Miami Brunch Sunday? Well, it depends on for what you’re looking. Let’s see if we can help narrow down your search.

Requirement: Excellent ambiance and authentic Italian atmosphere

Solution: Toscana

Requirement: Unparalleled, locally sourced Italian cuisine

Solution: Toscana

Requirement: The most delicious hollandaise known to man

Solution: Toscana

Requirement: One of the most snap-able Miami Beach brunch spots

Solution: Toscana

Requirement: Homemade potato gnocchi

Solution: Toscana

Requirement: Virtual teleportation to Tuscany

Solution: Toscana

Requirement: An entirely valid reason to salivate over a menu

Solution: You guessed it Toscana!

Clearly, you’ve already stumbled upon the best place for brunch. What are you waiting for? Sunday afternoon is calling!