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Italian Wine Guide

10 August 2017

With over 800 wine grape varieties, 20 uniquely designated winegrowing regions, and hundreds of years of winemaking history on the books, Italy’s wine scene is a glorious adventure from grape to glass. Tuscany and Piedmont represent Italy’s hot shots in terms of regional recognition and production, with the collective Tre Venezie (meaning the “three Venices”)…

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A Beginner’s Guide to Italian Wine

18 July 2017

During my semester studying abroad in Florence, my favorite restaurant was a tiny place tucked away just around the corner from the sprawling Mercato Centrale. I always ordered the same thing: ribollita, a traditional Tuscan soup made with day-old bread, cannellini beans, and cavolo nero. Now, every Christmas, my husband and I make ribollita and…

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Prosecco – two thousand years of history

11 June 2017

‘And now I would like to wet my mouth with that Prosecco with its apple bouquet’ wrote Aureliano Acanti in 1754. But Prosecco was already produced as far back as Roman times using the Glera grape which initially grew near the village of Prosecco on the Karst hills above Trieste and was then known as…

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