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Fresh New Menu for Summer in Miami

5 May 2017

Spring is officially here, and our family at Toscana Divino has decided to reinvigorate our menu to bring diners a fresh, new and exciting taste to our authentic Italian cuisine. Our recipes come from deep-rooted traditions that can be traced back to the regions of Italy. Join us this spring and summer as we embark on a culinary journey that is centered around continuity, tradition, and innovation.

The artisan kitchen at Toscana Divino is always hard at work pioneering new twists on authentic classics that transport each diner back to the origin of the recipe. Focusing on ingredients that are fresh and local, our team of extraordinary chefs has created a truly unique culinary experience for the upcoming months.

To get a sense of the of the exciting new menu, here are just a few of the dishes diners will enjoy:


  • Vitello Tonnato- this delectable dish features milk-fed veal in a tuna sauce and is topped with capers, arugula, and lemon.
  • Crudo di Gamberi- this perfectly crafted combination of red shrimp, green apple, sour cream, and caviar is a wonderful taste experience.

“Tradizione”– traditional Italian recipes

  • Pici Senesi All’anatra- like all our pasta, the pici is handmade in our kitchen to provide the freshest possible. Topped with duck leg ragu and pecorino cheese.
  • Pappardelle Finocchiona- the pappardelle are, of course, made fresh in the kitchen and topped with exquisite white sausage, fennel pollen, and pecorino cheese.

“Moderna”– modern twists on traditional ingredients

  • Carbonara di Mare- made with spaghetti chitarra (translated as “guitar spaghetti”) that is distinctive of the Abruzzo region, our chefs have created the dish with sea urchin, caviar, bottarga, and lardo.
  • Filetto d’estate- a perfect cut of filet mignon paired with eggplant, baby zucchini, piquillo, and herbs.

These are just a few of the many new spring/summer additions that our team of chefs has created. To check out the brand-new menu for yourself head to Toscana Divino tonight or visit https://www.toscanadivino.com/italian-menu-miami-fl/.

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