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Toscana Divino – One of Miami’s Best Restaurants

23 January 2017

The moment Christmas holidays pass and New Year celebrations come to an end, it seems like there is nothing left to do but to surrender to the long bleak nights of winter and wait for the blizzard to pass. However, this is not the case with Miami, Florida. No matter how frozen and whitened the rest of the northern hemisphere becomes, the Magic City is a chic escape from all the wintry stereotypes. Tourists pour from all over the States and the world to enjoy the breezy tropical air and dip themselves in one of the warmest oceans in the US mainland.

Miami’s winter climate is literally a bustling playground for the rich and famous. Just by taking a walk through the trendy South Beach, you will see swarms of colorful light-dressed visitors and the contemporary local crowd converging and mingling. The city is a haven for high-end shopping, state of the art entertainment, vibrant nightlife, and unparalleled luxury, regardless of the time of the year.

And what also makes visiting Miami a memorable experience besides strolling about in Bermuda shorts and sandals while absorbing the busy art scene and chiseled beach bodies? Fine dining. Miami is such a melting pot of culinary cultures, and you are bound to ditch the waves and eventually turn to your stomach in search of pleasure. And if you desire high-class mouth-watering food, there is one famous Italian restaurant which Huffington Post hails as Miami’s “it” restaurant – Toscana Divino.

Located in a vibrant Brickell neighborhood, this unique restaurant’s kitchen is run by Chef Andrea Marchesin, a native Italian who merges his diverse culinary influences in order to create an innovative range of flavors, textures, and experiences. The food he prepares has a distinct Italian flair, but you can also notice a touch of French and Middle Eastern seasoning.

What also distinguishes this restaurant from most is that all of the thoughtfully selected ingredients are freshly produced in farms and brought directly into the kitchen for preparation. The “farm to table” movement is big in Italy and Andrea and his diligent coworkers strive to uphold the same sustainable principles in Miami. These principles are Toscana Divino’s backbone, the reason why no one can match its quality and authenticity with certainty.

And what should you order if you have a chance to dine in the famous Toscana Divino? Well, for appetizers, Huffington Post, as well as loyal patrons recommend Ceviche di Pesce (fish with coconut, cucumber, lime, and seasoned with chili and ginger) or Vitello Tonnato (milk fed meal with tuna sauce, capers, arugula, and lemon) along with Franciacorta, a refreshing sparkling wine.

A pasta dish Maccheroni “al Sugo Toscano” (beef ragu with parmigiana and olive oil) or Pasta Carbonara di Mare are bound to captivate your senses and keep you asking for more. This is what you get when you mix tradition, hard work, and a little improvisation – gastronomic bliss.

Satisfy your taste buds, try out something new every now and then, see what Miami has in store. Combine world-class food with a warm tropical breeze, beautiful people, and quality entertainment, and you will have a recipe for high-level hedonism. The City of Magic opens its arms to everyone and knows that love enters through the stomach first.

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