Nestled on the idyllic Key Biscayne beachfront, lies Toscana Mare, an intimate and exclusive dining establishment that caters to the discerning palates of The Towers residents and a select group of island clients. This timeless locale offers a perfect space to indulge in exceptional company, savor delectable cuisine crafted with care, unwind with a superb wine selection, and participate in lively year-round events.


Our menu features Mediterranean-inspired dishes made with fresh, high-quality ingredients and prepared to perfection. Options range from delicious burgers, branzino filet,  lobster salad, homemade pastas, carpaccio di manzo, grilled octopus, and a selection of gourmet pizzas made with Ironside Pizza’s unique recipes and flavors. For dessert, enjoy classic Italian treats like tiramisù, panna cotta, and gelato.

pool & beach menu exclusive for residents of The Towers

our spaces


A beautifully adorned space with a cozy yet refined ambiance accommodates up to 40 guests, making them feel stylishly relaxed as if in their own home.


Our full bar offers an extensive array of premium wine, spirits, and beer to gratify even the most discerning of tastes.


Embrace our distinctive family-style culinary style and tailor your experience to share with cherished ones in this intimate space, accommodating up to 40 guests.