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A “Lookbook” a Tool to Represent Our Products and Philosophy

28 June 2017

At Toscana Divino, we are proud to introduce our “lookbook” menu for our diners. We live in a society that is constantly bombarded with digital and printed text, forcing us to always read to gather the necessary information that we desire. We understand the importance of text and the time/place for it, and we have decided that our menu is not the place. Our team of expert chef’s put countless hours into developing our seasonal dishes, and we just didn’t think that words on a page did the dishes justice. “A picture is worth a thousand words” is the approach that we are taking with our new menu that will showcase some of our seasonal dishes and the inspiration behind them. Our authentic dishes are inspired by our deep-rooted Italian traditions and interpretations of modern culinary elements. Our “lookbook” is the perfect way for us to showcase the culinary artistry that plays an important role for your dining experience with us.

Eating involves so much more than just tasting and chewing the food we choose to consume. Actually, eating should be an adventure that stimulates each sense independently as well as in unison. One of the simple pleasures in life is eating food that we enjoy rather than out of necessity to survive. Taking the time to enjoy each bite of each dish is why fine dining was created. An expertly crafted meal deserves to be taken in and enjoyed by each of the five senses.

We eat with our eyes first.

What I mean when I say that is before anything even touches our lips, we first process the appearance of it. If it looks appealing or familiar, that is our initial perception of the food and the beginning of the journey in eating. While taste may be the most important sense when it comes to consuming food, it is the appearance that’s the first challenge that the food must overcome. There’s a reason that melted cheese looks irresistible to most people or that a piece of pan seared fish makes our mouths water. That’s because our brains tell us what looks good based on a variety of factors. Everything from familiarity to physiological hunger reactions influences how we visually perceive food.

Don’t get me wrong though, the sizzling sound of a searing piece of meat, the fresh crunch of a crisp salad, the tenderness of perfectly cooked pasta or the savory smell of seasonings and spices all play an irreplaceable role along with how the food tastes. When you dine with us at Toscana Divino, you will do much more than just eat the food. You will be immersed in a true Italian culinary journey. We invite you to try our new menu for a truly unique experience that begins with your eyes instead of your taste buds.

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