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Inspired in Tuscany, Made in Miami – Featured in Miami Living

21 April 2017

Welcome to Toscana Divino

Craving Italian food? Brickell Miami is home to some of the best Italian restaurants in South Florida. So, it’s no surprise that Toscana Divino: The Artisan Kitchen, an authentic Italian restaurant that serves both traditional Tuscan dishes as well as more modern offerings, is found here. Founded by Tommaso Morelato and Stefano Cavinato, Toscana Divino aims to serve the highest quality ingredients and educate their guests on traditional Tuscan dishes.

“Health, well-being, and happiness is the framework at Toscana Divino”—and it shows.

The Italian restaurant offers an elegant setting with indoor and outdoor seating. Their modern dishes go beyond traditional Tuscan offerings and explore Italy’s diverse cuisine. Their selection of wine is carefully curated and on display at the center of the restaurant. Over 75 percent of their vintage Italian wines come from the Tuscan region.

The Tuscan haven sets itself apart from the rest with their thoughtfully-selected, seasonal ingredients: in-house made pasta; flour made from heirloom grains; meat from natural livestock; and fish locally sourced. They fully embrace the “farm to table” concept, which has allowed them to achieve flavorful dishes that are fresh and authentic. They continually work with the local farming community to obtain fresh, organic ingredients. Their fresh, artisanal pasta and bread is a tradition that has been cooking in the kitchen for many years.

You cannot leave Toscana Divino without trying the burrata caprese, an exquisite salad made from local burrata, heirloom Florida tomatoes, and garden basil and the traditional risotto ai funghi made with acquerello rice, wild mushrooms, and black truffle. The carbonara di mare is a true Toscana Divino original, using three types of fish eggs and a tasty sea urchin sauce to complement the flavors. It’s a unique dish that showcases the expertise and creativity of their talented chefs. To feel as though you’re in Italy, pair your meal with a traditional Venetian Spritz.

Once a month, Toscana Divino offers a cooking class that teaches attendees how to make their own bread, pasta, and gelato. All proceeds of the artisan cooking class go to the No Kid Hungry foundation. Learn the essential techniques and basics of Tuscan cuisine, and surprise your family at home. This spring, make sure to visit Toscana Divino for brunch, lunch, and dinner. ML

By Miami Living

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