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Inspired by Italy: Your Tuscan Engagement Dinner at Toscana Divino

29 August 2018

For questions, or to plan your event, please call 305.371.2767 or email [email protected] or on our website at www.toscanadivino.com.

Whether you’re planning to wed in Italy or not, hosting your engagement dinner at Toscana Divino allows you to create a memorable Italian experience for your family and friends. Your guests will enjoy our elegant dining room – the perfect fusion of old world charm and sleek innovation, much like the Tuscany region that inspires us. We’ve worked with many engaged couples and their families to create the perfect party, learning a great deal about what it takes to create a truly outstanding and romantic event.

Here are our suggestions about seven essential considerations for your engagement party.

  1. The Host

Traditions notwithstanding, the hosts can be either the couple themselves, their parents or friends. If the couple is fortunate to have people vying to host their engagement dinner than why not form a small event committee and share in planning and cost? Toscana Divino will work with the host or hosts to plan the event logistics.  A thoughtful host will ensure all guests feel welcome and comfortable by communicating beforehand about the dress code and whether and what kind of gifts will be expected.

  1. The Guests

    It would seem that a surprise engagement dinner could really be fun, but it’s not advisable because wedding etiquette dictates that guests at the engagement dinner would also be invited to the wedding. This can be tricky unless the bride and groom are included in the creation of the guest list. We can accommodate parties of up to 30 people during our normal business hours and, under certain situations, can discuss an entirely private affair.

  2. The Invite

    The invitation can be an opportunity to set a Tuscany mood for the engagement dinner. It does not need to match your wedding stationery, so you can do something different, and perhaps more whimsical. Why not set the tone by using decorative Italian paper or working with an Italian stationery company to customize an invite that doubles as a keepsake? Italy has a long-standing tradition of making some of the world’s most unique and beautiful stationery and some of the most famous papermakers have emerged from the City of Florence, including Rossi (https://rossi1931.com/).

  3. The Food

    Toscana Divino’s concierge will work with the event hosts to create a par-none menu for your engagement dinner that can range from the traditional multi-course Italian extravaganza to a lighter buffet or family-style menu. Our award-winning kitchen is overseen by Chef Andrea Marchesin who worked with the Saudi Arabian royal family, among other impressive gigs, prior to joining our team. Chef Andrea is known for re-imagining traditional Tuscan dishes and is an adherent to the farm-to-table, sustainable mindset emblematic of the modern artisanal Italian kitchen.

  4. The Drinks

    Italian wine, particularly from Italy’s Tuscany region, is our specialty. We house one of Miami’s largest collections of Italian labels in our unique, circular glass wine cellar. We excel at pairings and can find the perfect wine for every course.  But, in addition to wine, why not embrace the cocktail craze, too? We also have a notable selection of small craft and unique Italian spirits and our Italy-trained mixologists can customize an Italian welcome cocktail, or after-dinner digestif, inspired by unique characteristics of the wedding theme and cute-meet story of the bride and groom.

  5. The Favors

    A Tuscany-inspired and unique favor, labeled with the wedding date, is a way to imprint this special evening in guests’ memory. Send your guests home with a party favor labeled with the wedding date. Ask our event coordinator about our Tuscan products, or visit an Italian specialty store, such as Santa Maria Novella https://buy.smnovella.com in nearby Brickell City Center. Their original shop is one of the oldest novelty and fragrance stores in the City of Florence!

  6. The Alternative

    Some couples are opting out of a fancy dinner in exchange for a less-formal cocktail party. It’s a way to accommodate a larger group at a reasonable price and Toscana Divino’s outdoor cocktail lounge is the perfect space for a celebratory gathering of friends. Similar to the piazzas in Italy, our cocktail lounge is nestled in a beautiful courtyard in our vibrant Brickell neighborhood. We can create a special cocktail and small plates menu that is both inspired by Italy and customized for the tastes and personalities of the future bride and groom.

Planning a stellar engagement dinner is a balance of preparation and creativity. We’ve helped hundreds of guests plan memorable events at Toscana Divino. We treat our clients like valued friends and bring passion and authenticity to all we do because, ultimately, we want to cultivate long-term relationships.  It would be rare to find a more dedicated, hardworking team and we’re ready to exceed your expectations!

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