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Cenar en Toscana sin salir de Miami con caviar italiano

By Complot Magazine Vivo soñando con viajar a Italia para disfrutar de todas sus maravillosas regiones y paisajes, sus monumentos históricos romanos, el arte y la arquitectura renacentista, y por supuesto probar la legendaria comida ...
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lombardi wine in Miami

The Wines of Lombardy

By Made In Italy Although Lombardy is developing a reputation for its sparkling wines from Franciacorta and Oltrepò Pavese, the wine industry has less importance here than the region’s other industries. That is not to ...
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Home made uncooked potato gnocchi on cutting boars

Pasta’s Predecessor: the History of Gnocchi

The story of Italy's most beloved dumpling There are many regions that lay claim to the origins of gnocchi. While they are generally associated with northern Italy, the truth is that these dumplings are found ...
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The rolling countryside of a vineyard in Italy

Discover San Leonardo Wines

San Leonardo is the magical heir to a tradition known the world over as Bordeaux blending. Dreams and heritage mingle to bring you a wine that conveys all its land-rooted character and genuine territory-focused appeal ...
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Tuscan Food in Miami.

Exploring Tuscan Food

Italian cooking is very regional. The food of Tuscany can be very different from that prepared in the rest of Italy. Yet, even Tuscan food is not monolithic but rather regional within itself as well ...
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Tuscany foggy landscape at sunrise, Italy

Brief History of Tuscan Cuisine: the Origins

Tuscany is a Region which is rich in history and with very beautiful nature; it extends from the Tyrrhenian Sea to the Apuan Alps, with more than 3,600,000 inhabitants distributed in 10 provinces: Florence (Capital ...
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Andrea Marchesin Executive Chef – Stefania Marin Chef de Cuisine