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10 Florentine foods that you won’t want to miss

30 August 2017

Having grown out of humble origins, Florentine cuisine has always relied on fresh food from the surrounding countryside. Basic and rustic ingredients come together t...

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All about pappardelle pasta

21 August 2017

Pappardelle pasta is an Italian flat pasta cut into a broad ribbon shape. In width, the pasta is between tagliatelle and lasagna. This pasta is traditionally served ...

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All About Caviar

20 August 2017

Caviar was once served as an appetizer in saloons of the Old West. In another time it was considered extremely valuable and only suitable to be served to royalty and...

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Top 7 Classic Italian Cocktails

18 August 2017

We met with the talented bartender Julian Biondi to get the low-down on classic Italian drinks. He's one of our favorite bartenders in Florence (and on our very fun ...

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Potato Gnocchi and family

16 August 2017

I love gnocchi! Because gnocchi in Italy are served in much the same way as pasta and some types are made with dough similar to pasta dough, I have decided to inclu...

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