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From Tuscany to Miami – How We Are Changing Traditional Italian Dishes

30 April 2017

Born and raised in an Italian kitchen, the founders of Toscana Divino are committed to serving a modern, authentic experience of Italian cuisine.

Moving from Tuscany to Miami came with shifts- many magnificent, but many compromising to the sacred Italian heritage, as well. Toscana Divino understood that in a modern world, it would need to fight to find the resources and team to make ‘fatto in casa,’ or the tradition of making everything in house, possible.

At home in Italy, the farm to table concept is less of a concept than it is a natural way of life. In an effort to preserve this element of Italian dining culture, the Tuscany restaurant remains committed to using only fresh, local, and homemade (when possible) ingredients.

Tuscan cuisine is based on the idea of cucina povera, which translate to poor cooking. The cooking concept generated from natural necessity, when the land provided simple meals in large quantities. Fancy spices and seasons are traded for fresh, high-quality ingredients that naturally bring out the flavors of each dish. Tuscany’s countryside and rolling hills provide ample amounts of the cook style’s simple ingredients, such as bread, roasted meats, beans, truffle, olive oil, and grapes.

Popular Tuscan Dishes:

  • Affettati misti, or cured sliced meats
  • Crostini di fegato, or chicken liver pate over thin slices of toasted bread
  • Ribollita, or vegetable and bread soup
  • Panzanella, or cold salad of bread soaked in balsamic vinegar with onions, basil, tomato and olive oil
  • Tagliatelle al tartufo, or pasta in truffle sauce
  • Pappardelle alla leper, or wide egg noodles in wild hare sauce
  • Roasted wild game including pheasant, deer, wild boar, rabbit and duck
  • Biscotti, or twice-baked hard almond cookies

Although Toscana Divino works to preserve many parts of its Italian culture as one of Miami’s most authentic Italian restaurants, the founders knew that embracing change would be just as incremental to the deliciousness of their cuisine.

The restaurant works with Miami’s local farming community to bring in fresh and organic ingredients. Local farmers made it possible for Toscana to plate traditional dishes with contemporary flavors and pairing twists.

In house, bakery-focaccia and grissini are made; butter is churned; vinegar is fermented and aged; meats are cured into prosciutto cotto; and pasta, porchetta and beef heart pastrami are all made fresh.

Toscana Divino is committed to supporting organic farming that uses no hormones, antibiotics, pesticides or GMOs, promoting the importance of future generations and the livelihood of agriculture. Animals are purchased whole and used entirely; ricotta cheese is made from unpasteurized, antibiotic and hormone-free cows’ milk. Key West limes distil limoncello, and Ironside herbs make the robust amaro. Salads, dessert, and cocktails are garnished only with locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables.

Although measures taken to bring diners into the kitchen have become more intricate, Toscana Divino’s commitment to ‘farm-to-table’ and ‘fatto in casa’ bear a steadfast resemblance to Italy’s preservation of family through food.

As communities change and farming culture continues to evolve, it is important to ensure that systems and practices are put into place that protects our youngest and future generations. Taking pride in the environment, in the land, in nutrition quality and the importance of family mealtime are all ways that Toscana Divino brings Tuscany to Italy and embeds its Italian heritage in modern day Miami.

Come into Toscana Divino, one of the favorite Italian restaurants in Miami, for unique and unforgettable takes on authentic Tuscan cuisine.

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