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Top Vegetarian Italian Dishes

12 January 2017

Traditional Italian meals will usually feature a hearty course based on a well-prepared selection of meat including the popular ones such as beef, pork, chicken, and fish. While we like to stick to traditions and our rich Italian heritage here at Toscana Divino, we do understand that there are a number of our patrons and…

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Experience a Taste of Italy in Miami

28 December 2016

Who doesn’t love a deliciously fresh Italian meal that can trace its origins right back to Tuscany? Focusing on farm to table kitchen culture, Toscana Divino is serving up the very best contemporary Italian cuisine that beautifully represents the rich heritage of Italy. Not only will you find authentic dishes and the freshest ingredients at…

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Ring in the New Year with Toscana Divino

13 December 2016

New Year’s Eve is rapidly approaching and it is important that you get your plans lined up because no one wants to miss out on the celebration! Join the New Year’s Eve celebrations with Toscana Divino for some outstanding food and festive atmosphere. White flowers, tablecloths, and balloons will create a festive theme for the…

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What Exactly are Truffles?

6 December 2016

Anyone who appreciates great Italian food has probably heard of truffles before. They are considered one of the utmost culinary delicacies and are highly sought after for their unique taste, aroma, and rarity. A variety of wonderful dishes that range from savory to sweet can be greatly enhanced with the use of truffles. But enough…

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Italian-Inspired Festive Menus for the Holidays

22 November 2016

With the holidays rapidly approaching, many of us are swamped with work or busy planning how to see all the family on the few days that we get off of work. While the most important part of the holidays that are coming up is spending quality time with family, most families love to prepare a…

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