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A “Lookbook” a Tool to Represent Our Products and Philosophy

28 June 2017

At Toscana Divino, we are proud to introduce our “lookbook” menu for our diners. We live in a society that is constantly bombarded with digital and printed text, forcing us to always read to gather the necessary information that we desire. We understand the importance of text and the time/place for it, and we have…

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History of Pasta

30 May 2017

Italian Pasta Through the Ages Nothing says Italy like its food, and nothing says Italian food like pasta. Pasta is integrant part of Italy’s food history Wherever Italians immigrated they have brought their pasta along, so much so today it can be considered a staple of international cuisine. Unlike other ubiquitous Italian products like pizza…

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Why You Need to Eat at Toscana Divino

16 May 2017

Bringing the rich cultural heritage of Italy to Miami was the goal of Toscana Divino when the idea first came about to open the restaurant. Focusing on serving up a traditionally-inspired menu with modern additions, Toscana takes pride in sharing the story of Italian cuisine while promoting health, well-being, and happiness to all who come…

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Top Five Reasons Italian Cuisine is Healthy

10 May 2017

When asked what the first health-related word that comes to mind when Italian cuisine is mentioned, often carbs (carbohydrates) is the top answer, maybe cheese would be a close second. In a society that is constantly bombarded with health-conscious ideas and diet/workout fads, how am I supposed to convince you that a cuisine based on…

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Fresh New Menu for Summer in Miami

5 May 2017

Spring is officially here, and our family at Toscana Divino has decided to reinvigorate our menu to bring diners a fresh, new and exciting taste to our authentic Italian cuisine. Our recipes come from deep-rooted traditions that can be traced back to the regions of Italy. Join us this spring and summer as we embark…

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