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FLORIDA’s FARMING ADVANTAGE – It’s both our responsibility and our privilege

21 August 2020

by Tommaso Morelato ES    We live in a state that is remarkably rich in agricultural resources and where it’s fairly common to hear about “farm-to-table” restaurants, but a lot of people don’t realize that they don’t all take the same approach.   At Toscana Divino Hospitality Group, we’re committed to this concept at an…

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Eating News in Miami – August ’20 (Part 1)

18 August 2020

Thank you Miami curated for your  mention in your article Eating News in Miami – August ’20 (Part 1): “Toscana Divino, a favorite Italian restaurant,  has launched a creative new program – Resourceful Toscana.  The program offers seven gourmet culinary kits with fresh local ingredients and carefully curated products imported from Italy to recreate the…

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Safety is Our First Priority

30 July 2020

By Tommaso Morelato Due to the strong bond we have with Italy, we at Toscana Divino have observed with deep concern the early development of the pandemic, for this reason, we had decided to close our restaurant before the Governor orders became official. The concern for the health of our guests, our employees, and our…

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Circular Economy Club of Miami found its home @IRONSIDE

22 July 2020

by Tommaso Morelato ES  The world has changed and is changing still. Yet we can’t fully comprehend the change that is occurring. There have been many people and institutions that have talked about this change, but their voices were never actually heard. It seemed more like background noise.   At least until now.   Now…

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Resourceful Toscana

11 July 2020

This is the time for resourcefulness!   You, our treasured clients, have expressed the same disappointment we’re feeling as the pause button is pressed on the indoor fine dining experience.   Yet we persevere in order to show how much we care about the well-being of our community — of you our clients and of our…

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