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Best Place for a Business Lunch in Miami

10 August 2017

Business lunches play an important role. Whether it is to get to know a new client, help facilitate a deal or expand your business, a lunch out at a great restaurant will only be beneficial. Carefully selecting a restaurant for your next business lunch will be well worth it. One big error during the experience on the side of the restaurant can have negative effects on the goal of the meeting. With a little research and thought, a business lunch can exponentially increase the likelihood of achieving the goal of the lunch. Below are a few items to focus on when determining a lunch destination for business and a great selection.

In the restaurant world, service should be valued just as highly as the food being produced. A great meal of delicious courses and beverages falls short of its potential if the service and experience have glaring errors. Look up reviews, hear what friends have to say and even try out the restaurant before making the final decision. Poor, inattentive service will diminish even the best business lunch and leave clients in an unpleasant mood. On the other hand, a great service from the moment you enter till when you walk out the door will only bolster their impression of the business lunch contents. Online reviews from other customers will enlighten you on the true service of a restaurant you are considering.

Also, not to be forgotten is the food aspect. Gather information about your lunch date by either asking them to be certain of any allergies or detested food styles or select the power-lunch staple of steak-and-seafood. American style food is often the safe choice but do not automatically settle for this. Italian cuisine offers similar variety and is incredibly popular as well. An inventive and new restaurant for a client, if chosen correctly, will exponentially increase the success of the lunch. The food has to not only taste good but look good. Steer away from overly-heavy lunches and focus on a place that offers a menu with multiple options. Your lunch partner will notice the little things and they add up to create a memorable experience and help achieve the goal of the lunch.

Lastly, a restaurant not only needs to serve great food with great service but the atmosphere is important. Researching the restaurant for this criterion is very important. Think about what you are trying to accomplish with the lunch and what the vibe of the meeting will be. Whether it is a very upscale and reserved spot serving small plates or a more relaxed décor dishing out hefty portions, the setting in which your lunch will occur should be valued highly. Consider the lunch partner and the purpose of the lunch and match it as best as possible to a restaurant’s vibe.

With all of this in mind, selecting the restaurant is easier. A great choice for a power lunch is Toscana Divino. Located in Mary Brickell Village, they are an authentic Italian restaurant serving a mix of traditional and modern fare. Their ingredients are chosen carefully, fulfilling the “farm to table” movement, and dishes are prepared with the highest degree of passion and skill. Serving up a special power-lunch menu and offering “Lunch Italiano” (a 2-course option) for just $23, they bring traditional Italian hospitality and passion and mix it with modern décor and an elegant atmosphere.

So, for your next business lunch out, remember this advice and make the best decision. Take your lunch partner to a restaurant that will serve incredible food, provide exceptional service all in a perfect atmosphere. With a little preparation before your next business lunch, you will provide a lunch partner with an exceptional experience.


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