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Become a Friend of Toscana Divino to Help Make Sure No Kid Goes Hungry

31 July 2018

For questions, or to join the Friends of Toscana Divino’s loyalty program, please call 305.371.2767 or email [email protected] or on our website at https://www.toscanadivino.com/friends-of-toscana/.


We encourage you to join Friends of Toscana, among Miami’s most exclusive and benevolent loyalty dining programs with two goals we hold dear.  The first is to do something tangible to raise awareness about and battle childhood hunger. It’s hard to comprehend, but there are children that go hungry in our beautiful state of Florida.  In fact, approximately 1.1 million children that reside here do not have enough food to eat.* These are normal kids that attend our Florida schools but come from homes where their parents are simply unable to provide the three basic daily meals that so many take for granted.  

For these children, an omnipresent cloud obscures their quality of life in the Sunshine State and this is something we find heartbreaking.  So, to do something tangible to help eradicate childhood hunger, we’ve joined the Dine Out with No Kid Hungry program so that we can donate the entire amount we raise when our clients join the Friends of Toscana program. Each dollar will provide ten meals and our objective for 2018 is to have funded 100, 000 meals.

Our second goal with Friends of Toscana is to cultivate long-term relationships with the clients we cherish and to show them we appreciate their loyalty.  With so many dining options in Miami, we’re indebted to those who visit frequently and Friends of Toscana is a way for us to give back. Prospective members can join with as large or small of a donation that they would like to make.

In exchange for our member’s generosity, we provide the following perks.

Wine’d Down Mondays – Mondays are challenging.  We get it. We’ve thought of a way to end the day on a high note: join us for a delicious, authentic Italian meal and wind down with a bottle of your favorite wine at a 50% discount on any selection from our cellar, which houses one of Miami’s largest offerings from Italy’s most prestigious vintners.  What makes this an outstanding benefit? There are no exclusions. So, for Friends of Toscana, Monday is the best day of the week because it’s the day to enjoy that rare or limited reserve bottle you’ve been dreaming about!  Another vino perk? In the rare event that we don’t have what you desire, members are always exempt from corkage fees anytime!

Exclusive Pricing – Members of Friends of Toscana receive a 10% discount on their check as well as complimentary or discounted admission to special events that include exclusive, private wine tastings and cooking seminars.

VIP Status – Members of Friends of Toscana get VIP reservation status and are given first priority to register for special events.

“We’re passionate about sharing this program with our clients and to incentivize their membership we’re, essentially, giving the cost to join Friends of Toscana back to them through discounted prices, making it a win-win,” said Tommaso Morelato, President of Toscana Divino.  He added, “We’re a conduit for positive change. We leverage our loyalty club to increase awareness and recruit more people to No Kid Hungry‘s critical crusade.”

So, dine with intention and please ask your server about Friends of Toscana the next time you visit.

Upcoming August 2018 Special Events!

2018 Toscana Divino Seafood Festival

Every night beginning Friday, August 17th till Sunday, August 26, 2018
August in Italy means seafood and white wines and we’ll be serving up the freshest, tastiest Italian seafood dishes alongside Italy’s best whites.  Members of Friends of Toscana will receive a 10% discount on their check and a 50% discount on all bottles of wine on Mondays.

Wine Seminar & Tasting

Saturday, August 17, 2018
Join us our knowledgeable team for an intimate, private seminar and tasting of the following four Italian wines: 1.) 2017 Rosé Rosalba, Piepaolo Pecorari, Friuli Italy, 2.) 2016 Chara, Feudo Disisa, Sicily, Italy, 3.) 2011 Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, Semis, Collefrisio, Italy and 4.) NV Vino di Amarone, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, Italy.  This event is complimentary for members of Friends of Toscana, but please call 305.371.2767 to reserve. Space is limited.

Culinary Secrets from Toscana’s Artisanal Kitchen: Seafood

Saturday, August 25, 2018
Add something new to your culinary repertoire and join us to learn our chef’s secrets and tips for preparing an outstanding seafood and pasta entrée. Wine will be served.  The cost to attend is $50, but that amount will be entirely donated to No Kid Hungry. Please call 305.371.2767 to reserve. Space is limited.

August 2018 Special Deals for Members

  • 2017 Rosé Rosalba, Piepaolo Pecorari, Friuli Italy | 1 case minimum $18/bt (Restaurant regular price $52/bt)
  • 2016, Chara, Feudo Disisa, Sicily, Italy | 1 case minimum $20/bt (Restaurant regular price $55/bt)
  • 2011 Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, Semis, Collefrisio, Italy | 1 case minimum $42/bt (Restaurant regular price $98/bt

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