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Authentic Italian Food Requires all 5 Senses

2 February 2017

Amateurs and expert chefs alike can tell you that the main senses that are used for cooking are taste, smell, and sight. Taste is most important; enjoying what you are eating is the primary focus. Next, comes smell and sight; before you even taste anything, you will make sure that it smells delectable and looks appealing. The sense that is often overlooked and used unconsciously by chefs of all levels is sound. The sound of a busy, well-ran kitchen can be almost like a symphony. From the sizzling of a perfectly cut piece of meat or the tapping of a sharp knife slicing through vegetables on a cutting board. And do not forget the talking that goes on in order to conduct the symphony that takes place to construct the delicious meals.

At Toscana Divino, we embrace the poetic sounds of a busy kitchen as we provide our guests with delicious Italian food based on tradition with a contemporary twist. One of the most unique aspects of our artisan kitchen at Toscana Divino is that we strive to make everything that we possibly can Italian food. This is a strong-rooted tradition that has been practiced by Italian families for generations. Our kitchen is alive with the sounds of making dough for the homemade bread and pasta, the sizzling of meats and vegetables being cooked in preparation to become delicious meals, sauces bubbling on the stove as they cook down with all the fresh, locally sourced ingredients meld together.

Our mission at Toscana Divino is to provide our guests with the freshest, local ingredients possible while capturing the rich authentic Italian cooking heritage in our contemporary menu. Come dine with us or sign up for one of our Artisan Kitchen Cooking Classes to learn how to use taste, sight, smell and sound to help you become better in the kitchen. Toscana Divino also offers the best wine menu in all of Miami that perfectly pair with our fantastic menu selection. To see the full menu visit https://www.toscanadivino.com/italian-menu-miami-fl/.

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