cucina sostenibile


We have 3 goals for 2021/2022:

a) Zero waste
b) Plastic recovery
c) Farm to table 2.0

ZERO WASTE Operating 7 restaurants we have the availability of a relevant quantity of food waste. In this moment we collect only the vegetable waste and naturally compost at Ironside.

By 2021 we are planning to invest in a technology that will allow us to create compost that we can provide to our farm-partners. In this way, we close the circle using the food waste in a win-win strategy


PLASTIC RECOVERY – Being impossible to manage a kitchen without the use of plastic we are evaluating the possibility to a private collaboration by allowing us to transform plastic to diesel.


FARM TO TABLE 2.0 – We have always been very sensitive to local farming; our project for 2021, through the project Resourceful Toscana, is to bring the products of the territory not only to the tables of our restaurants but also to the tables of our customers.



In every Italian city, in the central downtown market, the farmers from the country-side bring daily produce, meat, and fish: eating fresh and seasonal is the basis of our culinary tradition.

We basically want to do the same thing here, focusing on quality ingredients, and delivering the best directly to the houses of our clientele.