cucina sostenibile


As we emerge, albeit cautiously, from the Covid19 pandemic, what has impressed upon us most is how interconnected we all are. Being Italian, the importance of community is ingrained in who we are and, as we watched the situation unfold in Italy, our heartbreak was doubled. We witnessed the suffering there and then here were directly impacted by the sudden stop of our entire industry. So, that concept of community — that interconnectedness — hit home hard. It transcends local. It transcends national. We’re now irrevocably aware of our connectedness on a global scale.

The pandemic has been like the proverbial rock thrown in water that created a major disruption followed by ripples of aftermath that have begun to cripple our food system. Small business farmers and producers, in the U.S. and our native Italy, were struggling prior to the pandemic. Now their outlook for survival is bleak and we can’t ignore this. They are part of the complex and global ecosystem that exists for Toscana Divino Hospitality Group and links clients, team members and distributors and suppliers from around the world. Our choices fuel that ecosystem.

While our Executive Chef Andrea Marchesin has long been a proponent of farm-to-table and sustainable food, we’re now consciously with intention escalating that commitment. This provides a lifeline for agriculture that, in turn, guarantees the food we serve is not just delicious but contributes to our clients overall health. The Mediterranean Cuisine is already among the world’s healthiest; we’ve just taken it up a notch.