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Become a Friend of Toscana Divino to Help Make Sure No Kid Goes Hungry

For questions, or to join the Friends of Toscana Divino’s loyalty program, please call 305.371.2767 or email [email protected] or on our website at https://www.toscanadivino.com/friends-of-toscana/.


We encourage you to join Friends of Toscana, among Miami’s most exclusive and benevolent loyalty dining programs with two goals we hold dear.  The first is to do something tangible to raise awareness about and battle childhood hunger. It’s hard to comprehend, but there are children that go hungry in our beautiful state of Florida.  In fact, approximately 1.1 million children that reside here do not have enough food to eat.* These are normal kids that attend our Florida schools but come from homes where their parents are simply unable to provide the three basic daily meals that so many take for granted.  

For these children, an omnipresent cloud obscures their quality of life in the Sunshine State and this is something we find heartbreaking.  So, to do something tangible to help eradicate childhood hunger, we’ve joined the Dine Out with No Kid Hungry program so that we can donate the entire amount we raise when our clients join the Friends of Toscana program. Each dollar will provide ten meals and our objective for 2018 is to have funded 100, 000 meals.

Our second goal with Friends of Toscana is to cultivate long-term relationships with the clients we cherish and to show them we appreciate their loyalty.  With so many dining options in Miami, we’re indebted to those who visit frequently and Friends of Toscana is a way for us to give back. Prospective members can join with as large or small of a donation that they would like to make.

In exchange for our member’s generosity, we provide the following perks.

Wine’d Down Mondays – Mondays are challenging.  We get it. We’ve thought of a way to end the day on a high note: join us for a delicious, authentic Italian meal and wind down with a bottle of your favorite wine at a 50% discount on any selection from our cellar, which houses one of Miami’s largest offerings from Italy’s most prestigious vintners.  What makes this an outstanding benefit? There are no exclusions. So, for Friends of Toscana, Monday is the best day of the week because it’s the day to enjoy that rare or limited reserve bottle you’ve been dreaming about!  Another vino perk? In the rare event that we don’t have what you desire, members are always exempt from corkage fees anytime!

Exclusive Pricing – Members of Friends of Toscana receive a 10% discount on their check as well as complimentary or discounted admission to special events that include exclusive, private wine tastings and cooking seminars.

VIP Status – Members of Friends of Toscana get VIP reservation status and are given first priority to register for special events.

“We’re passionate about sharing this program with our clients and to incentivize their membership we’re, essentially, giving the cost to join Friends of Toscana back to them through discounted prices, making it a win-win,” said Tommaso Morelato, President of Toscana Divino.  He added, “We’re a conduit for positive change. We leverage our loyalty club to increase awareness and recruit more people to No Kid Hungry‘s critical crusade.”

So, dine with intention and please ask your server about Friends of Toscana the next time you visit.

Upcoming August 2018 Special Events!

2018 Toscana Divino Seafood Festival

Every night beginning Friday, August 17th till Sunday, August 26, 2018
August in Italy means seafood and white wines and we’ll be serving up the freshest, tastiest Italian seafood dishes alongside Italy’s best whites.  Members of Friends of Toscana will receive a 10% discount on their check and a 50% discount on all bottles of wine on Mondays.

Wine Seminar & Tasting

Saturday, August 17, 2018
Join us our knowledgeable team for an intimate, private seminar and tasting of the following four Italian wines: 1.) 2017 Rosé Rosalba, Piepaolo Pecorari, Friuli Italy, 2.) 2016 Chara, Feudo Disisa, Sicily, Italy, 3.) 2011 Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, Semis, Collefrisio, Italy and 4.) NV Vino di Amarone, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, Italy.  This event is complimentary for members of Friends of Toscana, but please call 305.371.2767 to reserve. Space is limited.

Culinary Secrets from Toscana’s Artisanal Kitchen: Seafood

Saturday, August 25, 2018
Add something new to your culinary repertoire and join us to learn our chef’s secrets and tips for preparing an outstanding seafood and pasta entrée. Wine will be served.  The cost to attend is $50, but that amount will be entirely donated to No Kid Hungry. Please call 305.371.2767 to reserve. Space is limited.

August 2018 Special Deals for Members

  • 2017 Rosé Rosalba, Piepaolo Pecorari, Friuli Italy | 1 case minimum $18/bt (Restaurant regular price $52/bt)
  • 2016, Chara, Feudo Disisa, Sicily, Italy | 1 case minimum $20/bt (Restaurant regular price $55/bt)
  • 2011 Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, Semis, Collefrisio, Italy | 1 case minimum $42/bt (Restaurant regular price $98/bt

For questions, or to make a reservation, please call 305.371.2767 or email [email protected] or on our website at www.toscanadivino.com.


Miami Spice is an annual city-wide promotional dining event that happens each year during the off-season summer months to encourage local and visiting diners to try the city’s best restaurants at an unparalleled and limited-time price. In 2018, the Miami Spice promotion will run from August 1st until September 30th and it’s one of our favorite annual events at Toscana Divino because we cherish the opportunity to win over new diners to our authentic Italian cuisine and way of life — the la dolce vita, or “sweet life” of flavor and passion — we share with Miamians at our Brickell restaurant.

Visit us again, or for the first time, and enjoy the signature dishes and warm, impeccable service we’re known for and which have resulted in consistent four-to-five-star ratings and words of praise on multiple review sites from over 1,000 diners from around the world since we opened in 2014. A recent guest remarked, “Their service was exceptional — from the bartenders to the hosts to the servers. All were outstanding, accommodating and excellent.”

Our love for what we do shines through in all we do. Our name, “Toscana Divino,” translates as “Divine Tuscany,” and is a reference to the charming region of Italy that inspires us. Zagat proclaimed, “the name says it all…divine!” It’s evident in the food that Chef Andrea Marchesin carefully prepares for our guests, combining traditional favorites with his modern touch and farm-to-table approach that embraces the freshest and finest ingredients, local whenever possible. Almost all of what isn’t grown or sourced locally is flown in from Italy, ensuring that our guests always enjoy the best-of-the-best.

Our Miami Spice menu will be available nightly for our dinner guests. The deal we’re offering allows the diner to choose an appetizer, entrée, and dessert for $39. This results in an on-average savings of $25 per person, per check by comparison to our regular dinner menu pricing.

This special menu provides the chance for guests to try newer, as well as signature dishes. One is our Pappardelle Finocchiona, made with homemade pappardelle, white sausage, fennel pollen and pecorino, which Miami Eater included on their list of, “11 Must-Try Miami Pasta Dishes,” concluding that “Tradition never tasted so good.”

Additionally, lunch at Toscana Divino is special every day because of our “power lunch” offering, which provides for two courses for $23, but during Miami Spice, it’s even better because we’ve added dessert to the deal, so diners can expect to, again, save on average $25 per person, per check. And our Brickell location is right in the heart of one of Miami’s most vibrant business districts, a short walk from major retail shops, located at Brickell City Center, including the Miami location of Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella, one of Florence’s most beautiful and historic shops.

We also encourage guests to join us for our evening Happy Hour, held daily between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. in both our indoor cocktail lounge and outdoor al fresco style terrace. Start the evening with our Italian bartenders and one of their signature cocktails, or choose from our wine menu, one of the largest and finest selections of Italian wines to be found in Miami. Special prices are also available during this time on antipasti and stuzzichini (hot small bites).

Summer is among the best times to relax and enjoy our magical city — at its most beautiful and breathtaking as the sun sets and the purple and pink-hued sky hovers above. As always, our signature Italian approach to hospitality means that “la nostra casa è la vostra casa.” So, be sure to stop by between August 1st and September 30th and we’ll deliver a memorable dining experience that adds some Miami Spice to your life!

Toscana Divino Menu for 2018 Miami Spice


Dinner 39$


Vitello tonnato                    milk fed veal tuna sauce   capers   arugula   lemon

Salmon tartare                     salmon   hazelnut   capers   shallot   parsley air

Beef carpaccio                      strip loin   raw mushrooms   arugula   shaved Grana Padano

Ribollita                                    tuscan vegetables and bread stew

Panzanella                              croutons   heirloom tomatoes   cucumber   red onion   greens



Pappardelle                          house made pasta   white sausage   fennel pollen   pecorino

Chicken croccante           chicken breast   parsnip   potatoes   seeds   jus

NY steak                                 beef striploin     charred asparagus     Tuscan chimichurri (add 5)

Brown Trout                         trout     charred red beets     celery root pure’   parsley

Carbonara di mare           spaghetti “chitarra”   sea urchin   bottarga   fish roes    Calvisius Black (add 5)



Tiramisu’                               savoiardi   Lavazza “supercrema”   mascarpone   cocoa porder

Cherry basil gelato         signature TD icecream   chocolate crumble   white chocolate crumble

Nougat                                   biscuit     Valrhona chocolate cremoux     cocoa powder     hazeluts

By: Jenifer Mangione Voigt

An exclusive series of pairing dinners featuring wines from the historic estates of Marchesi Antinori, one of Italy’s largest wine companies, will begin at Toscana Divino on Friday, July 20, 2018 and happen every evening until Sunday, July 29, 2018.

Why Is the Antinori family revered in the world of wine?

To fully comprehend the longevity and significance of the Antinori family of winemakers just think for a moment about what the City of Florence was like prior to the Renaissance and the erection of Brunelleschi’s famous dome. In fact, the Antinori family traces its winemaking roots back even further, to 1180, when Rinuccio di Antinoro produced wine at Castello di Combiate (shown left) located in the Florentine countryside.

By 1183, after a fire destroyed their castle, the Antinori family moved inside the city where, a little over a century later, in 1308, Dante Alighieri began writing one of Italy’s most cherished works of literature, The Divine Comedy, also establishing the base for the modern Italian language.


However, it was on May 19, 1385 that the Antinori family was officially recognized as winemakers because on this day Giovanni di Piero Antinori joined the Winemakers Guild of Florence, establishing their family as part of the city’s elite, alongside the Medici family. Since that time, members of the family have always led the company, making their current leadership the 26th generation of Antinori winemakers. Though Marquis Piero Antinori, ex-officio president of the company, likes to repeat: “ancient roots play an important role in our work, but have never limited our innovative spirit.” 

How have the Antinori family contributed to wine in Italy?

One important contribution is that the Antinori family helps safeguard traditional Italian winemaking as members of the Premium Familiae Vini Foundation, an association of winemaking houses unified beyond geographical boundaries to uphold the principle, “of the ownership of vineyards and the production of wine as a family activity to maintain and refine – just like a great wine – over time.”

By 1970, the Antinori family, at that time led by Piero, had innovated winemaking techniques with the early harvesting of white grapes and by using different types of barrique, stainless steel vats and malolactic fermentation of red wines. By 1971, Piero had created their famed Tignanello, a barrique-aged wine that contained Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, which meant that it was ineligible for the Chianti Classico appellation but followed Sassicaia to be among the first “Super Tuscans.” Since 1982, Tignanello has been made from 85% Sangiovese, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon and 5% Cabernet Franc.

What Antinori wines will be featured? Which Toscana Divino entrees will they be paired with?

The pairings will be as follows:

  • Bolgheri | Tartare di manzo al finocchio (Beef & Fennel Tartare) paired with the Antinori 2017 Scalabrone Rosè, a light-pink-in-color blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah with an intense nose of ripe fruit, cherries and raspberries, along with well-integrated, subtle, and lively hints of herbs. The palate is fresh and balanced with a fruity and persistent aftertaste.
  • Montepulciano | Tagliatelle al cinghiale (Wild Boar Tagliatelle) paired with the Antinori 2015 La Braccesca Vino Nobile, a blend of Sangiovese and Merlot with an intense ruby red color that offers fruity aromas with notes of violets and vanilla. The palate is ripe, supple, balanced and with tannins supported by a pleasurable vein of acidity, which brings out the flavors of blackberries and cherries. Persistent and mineral on the finish and aftertaste.
  • Montalcino | Controfiletto al vino rosso (Beef Loin in red wine sauce) paired with Antinori 2013 Pian delle Vigne Brunello di Montalcino DOCG, produced from the Sangiovese grape with a delicate nose and complex with notes of ripe fruit, cherries, and plums, perfectly balanced with sensations of dried and candied fruit and spices. The palate is ample with supple tannins and is enlivened by a note of vibrant acidity with fully brings out the intense persistence and pleasure of its aromas. The finish offers hints of tobacco, dark chocolate, and berry fruit.
  • Chianti | Cantucci fatti in casa (Homemade almond cookies) paired with Antinori 2012/13 Vin Santo del Chianti Classico – Tenuta Tignanello, a blend prevalently of Trebbiano with a small percentage of Malvasia that is a deep amber in color with golden highlights. This wine shows sweet aromas of walnuts and hazelnuts, chestnuts along with honey with subtle notes of citrus fruit in the background. The flavor is full, honeyed and well-supported by a vigorous and tonic acidity.

What is the cost to attend?

The cost to attend, excluding tax, tip and anything ordered additionally apart from the pairing menu, is $85 and $75 for members of Friends of Toscana, our loyalty dining club. To learn more about the club, including how to join, please visit www.toscanadivino.com.

When is the 2018 Antinori wine seminar, what is the cost and which wines will be featured?

The 2018 Antinori Wine Seminar will be held at Toscana Divino on Saturday, July 21, 2018 and will feature these wines: 1.) Scalabrone 2017 Rosè 2.) La Braccesca 2015 Vino Nobile 3.) Pian delle Vigne 2013 Brunello 4.) Il Bruciato 2015 Supertuscan 5.) Tignanello 2015 Supertuscan and 6.) 2012/13 Vin Santo del Chianti Classico – Tenuta Tignanello. The cost is $35, but complimentary for members of Friends of Toscana.

Are you offering specials for the purchase of Antinori wines?

Yes, from July 20 till July 29, 2018 Toscana Divino will offer special prices on Antinori wines as follows: 1.) TENUTA GUADO AL TASSO, Bolgheri Rosato DOC ‘Scalabrone’ 2017 – 1 case minimum $16.99/bt (AVG national winesearcher $20) 2.) LA BRACCESCA, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG 2015 – 1 case minimum $19.99 (AVG national winesearcher $24) 3.) PIAN DELLE VIGNE, Brunello di Montalcino DOCG 2013 – 1 case minimum $59.00 (AVG national winesearcher $70) and 4.) TENUTA TIGNANELLO, Vin Santo del Chianti Classico DOCG 2013 – 1 case minimum $28 (AVG national winesearcher $33).

What are the dates for the Antinori dinners and wine seminars for Toscana Divino’s private residences clients?

Wine dinners will be held at Ballerina Bal Harbour on Thursday, July 26th and at Oceana Key Biscayne on Saturday, July 28th. Wine Seminars will be held at Chateau Beach on Wednesday, July 25th and at Ballerina Bal Harbour on Thursday, July 26th. Costs and offerings are the same as those listed above for our restaurant.

For questions, or to make a reservation, please call 305.371.2767 or email [email protected] or on our website at www.toscanadivino.com.