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From Tuscany to Miami – How We Are Changing Traditional Italian Dishes

30 April 2017

Born and raised in an Italian kitchen, the founders of Toscana Divino are committed to serving a modern, authentic experience of Italian cuisine. Moving from Tuscany to Miami came with shifts- many magnificent, but many compromising to the sacred Italian heritage, as well. Toscana Divino understood that in a modern world, it would need to…

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Exploring Tuscan Food

26 April 2017

Italian cooking is very regional. The food of Tuscany can be very different from that prepared in the rest of Italy. Yet, even Tuscan food is not monolithic but rather regional within itself as well. Tuscany is divided administratively into the following provinces. The provincial divisions also reflect the culinary divisions: Arezzo Florence (Firenze) Grosseto…

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Brief History of Tuscan Cuisine: the Origins

22 April 2017

Tuscany is a Region which is rich in history and with very beautiful nature; it extends from the Tyrrhenian Sea to the Apuan Alps, with more than 3,600,000 inhabitants distributed in 10 provinces: Florence (Capital of the Region), Arezzo, Siena, Grosseto, Massa Carrara, Livorno, Lucca, Pisa, Pistoia, and Prato. The history of Tuscan cuisine has…

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Inspired in Tuscany, Made in Miami – Featured in Miami Living

21 April 2017

Welcome to Toscana Divino Craving Italian food? Brickell Miami is home to some of the best Italian restaurants in South Florida. So, it’s no surprise that Toscana Divino: The Artisan Kitchen, an authentic Italian restaurant that serves both traditional Tuscan dishes as well as more modern offerings, is found here. Founded by Tommaso Morelato and…

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Spots to Get Your Champagne Bubbly on in Miami

20 April 2017

By Miami.com 1. Champagne & Oysters at American Social American Social Brickell’s new champagne & oyster happy hour takes place on Saturdays from 6-10 p.m. Guests will enjoy $1.50 oysters (Chef’s choice) and $5 champagne on the sparkling Miami River. Where: American Social Brickell, 690 SW 1st Court, Miami. 2. Veuve Clicquot Happy Hour at…

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The Toscana Divino experience extends beyond a single meal to how we promote the authentic, healthy Italian lifestyle in all of our endeavors. Continue to engage with us by joining or following our real-timestream on social media using #ToscanaDivino.

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