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Caviar to Cocktails, Toscana Divino’s Bar Has it All

Every great restaurant has a bar and cocktail menu that not only compliments what the restaurant serves but can also stand alone as a defining feature and Toscana Divino’s is no exception. From great cocktails to small plates of tasty food, the bar menu at Toscana Divino offers patrons everything that they could want during an evening of catching up with friends or just enjoying their favorite cocktail before having dinner. Here are some of the most popular and specialty items that can only be found on the bar and cocktail menu.

Caviar and Raw Bar– for those that enjoy the finer things in life, Toscana offers a variety of fine Calvisius Caviar. Served in the tin with blini and crème fraiche, bargoers can enjoy Siberian Royal, Oscietra Classic Russian Sturgeon, and Oscietra Royal Russian Sturgeon. Besides the other raw bar items, fresh lobster tail (when it is available) and Ceviche “Toscana” are two very popular items.

Charcuterie and Cheese– charcuterie is the branch of cooking that specializes in the craft of salting, smoking, and curing of meats like bacon, sausage, prosciutto, and salami. These perfect combinations are a great compliment to any drink or cocktail on the menu. Items like the “Finocchiona,” which is fennel salami and pickles, House Roasted Porchetta and grain mustard, Housemade Ricotta on bruschetta with honey are just a few items that you should definitely try. Or if you cannot choose just one, the Grand Tagliere is a carefully selected combination platter of house-cured meats and cheeses that serve up to four people.

Bar Small Plates– while you’re catching up with a long-lost friend or a new acquaintance, why not split a small plate that is perfect for sharing? The Bruschetta is an excellent choice and comes in a savory or sweet combination. The Beef Carpaccio with mushrooms, Parmigiano, truffle, and soy will not disappoint. 

Sparkling Wines– Prosecco and Moscato headline this category of drinks while those seeking something a little more distinguished, Antica Fratta Franciacorta is available in 375ml.

White, Rose and Red– a nice sampling makes up each category that will be sure to please just about any bargoer looking for a great glass of wine. See the full menu for selection.

Beers– while wine and cocktails often go great with Italian meals, the right beer can also be a perfect compliment. Toscana Divino offers:

  • Poretti 4 and 6 grappoli
  • Menabrea
  • Fin du monde
  • Bramante Birra Champenois

Traditional and Modern Cocktails– most diners with have a favorite drink that they stick with each time they go out, but for those that like to mix things up and try something new, Toscana Divino’s craft cocktails are a great place to start. Specialty cocktails like:

  • Italian Manhattan
  • Salvia & Agave
  • Scorpione Fuoco
  • Beautiful Me
  • Italian Old Fashioned

Liquors and Spirits– at Toscana Divino, you will find a full bar of liquors and spirits that will fill just about anyone’s order.

  • Single Malt
  • Blended Whiskey
  • Bourbon, Rye & Others
  • Brandies & Cognac
  • Vodka
  • Amari E Cordial
  • Gin
  • Tequila
  • Rum
  • Facundo’s Corner
  • Grappa
  • Housemade Grappa, Cognac, and Limoncello

Whatever your drink of choice is or if you are open to something new, Toscana Divino has as you covered. A great selection of raw bar and small plate items are to tide you over before your meal or just a snack to go with your drink. Don’t miss out on the best place for cocktails in Miami during Happy Hour (4pm-7pm, every day) when you can get all wines, cocktails, and spirits for 50% off.

Nothing quite caps off a celebration like popping the cork on a bottle of champagne. Whether it is for an anniversary, New Year’s Eve or a big business deal, champagne has been a symbol of class and elegance since its creation. For centuries, champagne has been a popular drink among kings, queens, and nobility but most people are unaware of the history behind the celebratory beverage. Champagne is a sparkling wine that comes from the Champagne region of northeastern France. While many people refer to all sparkling wines as “champagne,” technically, only sparkling wines from that region have the legal right to be to be called champagne. Made similar to wine but a secondary fermentation process is what gives the champagne its bubbles.

Champagne History

The Romans first planted the vineyards of northeast France in the 5th century; however, it is believed it may have been even sooner. The first wines to come from this region were pale and pink Pinot noir wines that had no bubbles. The creation of champagne may be considered to have happened on accident due to the temperature conditions of the northern France. When the wines were stored in the cellars, the cold temperatures would cause the yeast cells to go dormant and stop the fermentation process. In the spring when the temperatures warmed back up the fermentation would begin again creating bubbles as a byproduct. Many of the bottles at this point in history were not suited to withstand any pressure and as a result, would burst. Even into the 17th century, Champenois, like Benedictine monk Dom Perignon, were trying to rid their wines of bubbles because they considered them to be a flaw.

The taste for the bubbly champagne wine slowly grew and became popular with the French nobility. Not knowing how to control the fermentation process or having bottles able to withstand the pressure limited the process of producing the new bubbly wine. By the 19th century, these limitations had been solved. The development of the méthode champenoise made the production of sparkling wine on a large scale extremely profitable. The popularity and profits grew until the 20th century when the Russian Revolution and Prohibition closed the Russian and American markets, and two World Wars turned the vineyards into battlefields. Since then the popularity of champagne has continued to grow to the point where the 86,500 acres of the Champagne region now produce over 200 million bottles a year but struggle to keep up with the demand. The French authorities have begun considering expanding the Champagne zone to accommodate more production.

If this brief overview of champagne has peaked your interest and given you a new appreciation for trying some for yourself, head to Toscana Divino for some of the best champagne in Miami. Try a bottle of 2004 or 2005 Dom Perignon or a 1999 Salon Blanc de Blancs. Toscana Divino has the most extensive collection of Italian wines, sparkling wines, and champagnes in Miami. To see the full list, visit https://www.toscanadivino.com/italian-wine-miami-fl/.

The month of February is marked by the most romantic holiday of the year, Valentine’s Day. Most people will use this day to treat their loved ones and significant others with cards, chocolates, and flowers. However, some that want to score a few extra points in the relationship will plan a romantic dinner to celebrate their love. While the idea of cooking a favorite dish can be heart-warming, most individuals struggle in the kitchen. So to avoid any unfortunate kitchen blunders on Valentine’s Day, let the perfect atmosphere, exceptional staff and incredible cuisine of Toscana Divino make the night perfect.

Show that special someone just how much they mean to with an expertly crafted four-course meal that is highlighted by a main course of snapper. Executive Chef Andrea Marchesin and Chef de Cuisine Stefania Marin have selected each dish to compliment each other perfectly on this Valentine’s menu.

First Course: Citrus Capesante

  • Citrus scallops in a petite mixed salad.

Second Course: Tortelli di Mare

  • A bisque with red shrimp, tortellini, and caviar

Third Course: Dentice al Cartoccio

  • Fresh snapper in a papillot and served with Mediterranean vegetables

Fourth Course: Tris of Passion Fruit

  • Mousse, ice cream, and meringue

Celebrate this Valentine’s in Miami this year at Toscana Divino with the San Valentino Dinner. Sharing a delicious meal and a perfectly paired bottle of wine is the way you should be spending your Valentine’s Day evening. Call now to reserve your special date night on Tuesday, 14th of February, 2017. Visit https://www.toscanadivino.com/valentines-day-dinner-reservations/ to see the menu and make reservations.  

Amateurs and expert chefs alike can tell you that the main senses that are used for cooking are taste, smell, and sight. Taste is most important; enjoying what you are eating is the primary focus. Next, comes smell and sight; before you even taste anything, you will make sure that it smells delectable and looks appealing. The sense that is often overlooked and used unconsciously by chefs of all levels is sound. The sound of a busy, well-ran kitchen can be almost like a symphony. From the sizzling of a perfectly cut piece of meat or the tapping of a sharp knife slicing through vegetables on a cutting board. And do not forget the talking that goes on in order to conduct the symphony that takes place to construct the delicious meals.

At Toscana Divino, we embrace the poetic sounds of a busy kitchen as we provide our guests with delicious Italian food based on tradition with a contemporary twist. One of the most unique aspects of our artisan kitchen at Toscana Divino is that we strive to make everything that we possibly can Italian food. This is a strong-rooted tradition that has been practiced by Italian families for generations. Our kitchen is alive with the sounds of making dough for the homemade bread and pasta, the sizzling of meats and vegetables being cooked in preparation to become delicious meals, sauces bubbling on the stove as they cook down with all the fresh, locally sourced ingredients meld together.

Our mission at Toscana Divino is to provide our guests with the freshest, local ingredients possible while capturing the rich authentic Italian cooking heritage in our contemporary menu. Come dine with us or sign up for one of our Artisan Kitchen Cooking Classes to learn how to use taste, sight, smell and sound to help you become better in the kitchen. Toscana Divino also offers the best wine menu in all of Miami that perfectly pair with our fantastic menu selection. To see the full menu visit https://www.toscanadivino.com/italian-menu-miami-fl/.