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Caviar to Cocktails, Toscana Divino’s Bar Has it All

22 February 2017

Every great restaurant has a bar and cocktail menu that not only compliments what the restaurant serves but can also stand alone as a defining feature and Toscana Divino’s is no exception. From great cocktails to small plates of tasty food, the bar menu at Toscana Divino offers patrons everything that they could want during…

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From Flat to Bubbly; Champagne’s History

15 February 2017

Nothing quite caps off a celebration like popping the cork on a bottle of champagne. Whether it is for an anniversary, New Year’s Eve or a big business deal, champagne has been a symbol of class and elegance since its creation. For centuries, champagne has been a popular drink among kings, queens, and nobility but…

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Treat Your Date to a Romantic Italian Valentine’s Day Meal

7 February 2017

The month of February is marked by the most romantic holiday of the year, Valentine’s Day. Most people will use this day to treat their loved ones and significant others with cards, chocolates, and flowers. However, some that want to score a few extra points in the relationship will plan a romantic dinner to celebrate…

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Authentic Italian Food Requires all 5 Senses

2 February 2017

Amateurs and expert chefs alike can tell you that the main senses that are used for cooking are taste, smell, and sight. Taste is most important; enjoying what you are eating is the primary focus. Next, comes smell and sight; before you even taste anything, you will make sure that it smells delectable and looks…

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